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Throughout all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve been committed to pushing technological frontiers and ensuring that we haven’t missed any tool or development that would allow us to improve our work for you. We stand at the cutting edge of technology thanks to our unceasing pursuit of all the developments and innovations in the translation and transcription fields

To date, in our arsenal you will find not just sophisticated verification tools, use of translation memory technologies, specialists in localization engineering, and QA professionals and in-house graphics staff for all visual aspects, but also Trustwordy, our unique transcription and translation app. We have invested significant efforts over many months to create a functional, user-friendly, and smart tool that provides you with the best possible service

We’re translating a love story: when technology meets the best professionals in the market

Every product that we handle – whether a certificate to be translated or a website to be localized – is not just translated to meet client needs, it also undergoes our rigorous quality assurance procedure covering all aspects including content, layout, visual elements, and more

Clients seeking to have their products localized will discover that thanks to the winning combination of innovative technology and the best professionals in the market, we can perform a superior textual and visual adaptation that preserves the look and feel of the original product.

Even when technology is involved, we know language, we know culture, and we know people – so we know how to meet all your translation and transcription needs with the most sophisticated tools in the market

Advanced Translation Tools (CAT TOOLS)

It’s important to know that when you contact us, you receive not only the finest service – but also translation using the finest translation tools currently on the market. It’s our way of combining our two greatest resources: First-rate personnel and groundbreaking technology.

Translation Memory

One of our most useful tools in our work with you is the translation memory (TM). Translation memory lies at the heart of designated translation software: We all live in amazing times, with impressive advances in the field, and we’ve coming a long way from the days of word processors.

Graphical Layout (DTP)

Because of the difference in characters and word lengths between different languages, when a text is translated into a new language – its layout also changes in terms of gaps and paragraphs. One of the areas of expertise of our team of professionals is to reset the translated text, making it suitable for the target audience in your target market, without giving up your original concept

Localization Engineering

Localization is one of the most important things for anyone seeking to break into new markets. In order to adapt a product to a new market, you’ll need to translate it to your target language, but beyond that, you need to adapt images and graphic content, dates, times, icons, colors, contact details and so on to the local culture.


When we say we use the newest technologies, we mean it, and therefore we are very happy to present our application: TRUSTWORDY, which will help you translate and transcribe any document or audio file quickly and easily.


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