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You won’t be surprised to learn that people prefer visiting websites in their mother tongue. After all, we all enjoy content that’s easy for us to consume and which has been made accessible to us, and therefore sites translated to a number of languages attract far more visitors. This traffic is later translated not only to influence, but also to business and economic success

Why would I want to translate my site?

In the small global village in which we are living, individuals and companies that are able to translate their sites into several languages are very quickly becoming leaders in their fields. Whether you have a cool blog, a great online shop or an image site – the ability to make your site accessible to internet users around the world places you higher in the search engines and helps to expose you to varied new audiences that you would not have reached otherwise.

My site deals with a specific niche. Do you have translators that can help me?

Of course! At Hever Translations, we understand languages, understand cultures, and understand people, and therefore we have worked hard to ensure that our customers receive the finest translators, from a broad variety of fields. As soon as you contact us, we will immediately assign a project manager who will make sure to direct the translation direct website translation project to the translator most suitable to your needs, one who lives, breaths and completely understands your field.

And what about localization?

Good question! Localization is one of our fields of expertise (we’ve already noted that we understand culture, right?) And therefore, the technological tools at our disposal allow us to handle XXL, HTML and JSON files easily as well as translate and edit texts and graphs (including banners and flash files) in order to ensure not just linguistic compatibility – but also cultural compatibility.

We deal with issues of adapting We deal with website translation issues of content to RTL and LTR (adapting content to right to left and left to right writing), adapting the relevant letters of the alphabet, dating formats, icons, names, contact information, colors, illustration and any other relevant element you require. It’s important to note that we make sure not to change the source code of your site, unless we have your express approval, as needed.

Why should I work with you?

As far as we’re concerned, language isn’t an obstacle, but a bridge; we strive to create a reality that allows you to work as if a single global language exists. In order to make our vision come true, we have chosen to specialize not only in language but also in culture and in cultural nuances, which allows us to provide you with excellent products – with excellent website translation – the kind that will allow your site’s visitors to feel as if the content had been written originally in their mother tongue.

Over our many years of activity we have worked with technology companies like Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft and have been responsible for the localization of many products of these companies (and many more companies) so that you can be sure that we will work with you in an optimal and professional manner as well.

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