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We all know that an online dictionary is a wonderful tool – but that’s not the case in the business world, where you are required to use special professional terms that not everyone is familiar with; whether your business belongs to the technology fields, lifestyle field or the field of medicine – every business “lives” in an extensive world of business content characterized by unique terms and specific terminology. The problem? The business terms you are so used to using in your day-to-day lives and in your specific field, do not necessarily translate identically to other languages.

Take, for instance, the Hebrew term “Branja”: In the Israeli media industry, this term obviously refers to the milieu of journalists and content creators operating in various arenas. On the other hand, this term does not exist in the United States, and instead, other terms like “clique” or “guild” are used. In other words: Cultural differences are also reflected in language.

When we guarantee that with us, you’re in good hands, what we mean is that we can equip you with all of the tools you’ll need down the line.

One of those tools – which we would be very happy to provide you with – is the compilation of a glossary of professional terms, which will accompany the entire translation process and allow you to speak your field’s specific business language without racking your brains.

Our experienced translators come from the full range of professions and therefore we will be able to provide you with exactly, and we mean exactly, the precise words you need to serve as the building blocks for your professional content.

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