Terms of Use

Terms of Use

“Hever Translations Ltd.” website; hereinafter: “Hever Translations”.

Terms of Use and Legal Restrictions
Before using this website (“the Site”), please read these terms carefully.
By entering this site and/or using this site, you accept all of these terms (“the Terms”), confirm your consent with these terms and declare that you have read them and understood their contents.
Use of the site is not authorized for persons who do not agree with the Terms.
The Terms are written in the male tense for convenience, but refer to both genders equally.

Terms of Use

Hever Translations</81> permits you to view the contents of the site, including materials, information, text, software, music, images, video, graphics and any other material included on this site, including the services offered on the site (together, “the Materials”), download them and use them for personal and non-commercial use only, so long as you operate in accordance with all notices on the matter of copyrights and intellectual property included in the original materials and any copy thereof.
You may not alter the Materials in any manner, copy them, duplicate them, sell them, allow their use, present them in public, implement them, advertise them, create derivatives from them, create any product or output of material of any sort using the Materials or use the Materials in some other manner for any other public or commercial purpose.
Use of the Materials on any other website or computer network for any purpose is forbidden.
The Materials on the site are protected by copyrights, and any unauthorized use of any material on the site may constitute a violation of copyright laws, trademark law and other laws.
If you violate any of these terms, the authorization given you to use the site shall expire automatically, and you shall be obligated to immediately destroy any material downloaded or printed from the site.

Information Gathering

In order to receive services from Hever Translations through the website, each user is required to provide information on the site such as name, address, phone number, employment conditions, education and other information (hereinafter “Candidate Information”).
The purpose for receiving Candidate Information is to allow Hever Translations to carry out and/or offer its services and to improve and streamline service to candidates and to Company clients.
Hever Translations shall do its best in order to ensure, through generally accepted market means, the security of the Candidate Information from unauthorized access.
The Candidate Information shall be used in accordance with Hever Translations procedures in the matter of the use of this type of information and subject to the privacy statements on this site.
“Hever Translations” reserves the right to provide the Candidate Information to third parties as requested by the candidate.
“Hever Translations” shall be permitted to use the candidate information as follows:
1. Use for the administrative, business and private purposes of Hever Translations, among other things in order to contact the candidate, direct mailing, marketing and advertising, offering jobs and/or courses, via mail, phone, fax or email.
2. Providing the Candidate Information to related companies (sister companies, parent company, subsidiaries and/or Group companies) for the purpose of the goals set in the terms of use in question;
3. Providing the Candidate Information to third parties in order to offer you jobs or products or services that Hever Translations will believe that you may be interested in.

A user who is not interested in transferring the Candidate Information to third parties as stated above, must send notice of this in the registration details/email.
Failure to send such notice will be considered consent for Hever Translations’ use of the Candidate Information as detailed above.

Absence of Liability; Use of Materials

The materials are offered “as-is” with no commitment or liability of any sort on Hever Translations’ behalf.
Nothing in the terms shall constitute presentations by Hever Translations in the matter of compatibility with a specific goal, reliability or precision of the Materials or the absence of violation of intellectual property rights.
“Hever Translations” is not responsible for the precision and/or integrity and/or absence of errors in materials on the site and shall bear no responsibility for the Materials and/or their accuracy.
“Hever Translations” may alter all or part of the Materials, at any time and with no advance notice.
The materials on the site may not be completely up to date, and Hever Translations does not undertake to update the materials on the site at all or with any given frequency.
The images on the site are for demonstration purposes only, and are non-binding.
You shall bear full responsibility for the use of the materials on the site and for their results.

Limit of Liability

Under no circumstances shall Hever Translations, anyone operating on its behalf or of any other third party mentioned on the site bear any responsibility for any damage (including, but not limited to, direct, indirect or consequential, deriving from the loss of profits, the loss or data or disruption to the course of business) resulting from the use, inability to use or the results of using the site, any other site linked to the site, or materials included on the site and any of these sites, whatever the grounds of the claim or the cause of the damage, be it contractual, damages or other, despite any legal prescriptions.
The sole remedy granted you in any event and in spite of any law, is to cease using the site.


The Materials on the site are general in nature.
You may not rely on consultation received over the site in order to make any decisions, including on professional medical, legal, personal or monetary issues.
The site may not be considered legal or other professional advice.
For this purpose you must contact Hever Translations in order to receive precise details adapted to your special circumstances and the information pertaining to your case.

Intellectual Property Rights

You are aware of the fact that the Materials have copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property right protections; therefore, you shall be entitled to use the materials only with Hever Translations’ express approval.
You undertake not to copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, allow the use, display in public, carry out, advertise, alter, create derivatives or, or create a product or output or any material using the materials, without Hever Translations’ express approval as detailed in the Terms.
You agree not to copy or otherwise duplicate the materials for any reasons, and not allow some third party to use them in a similar manner.
The site’s design and display are protected by Hever Translations copyrights and trademarks and may not be copied in whole or in part.
Under no circumstances may you copy, duplicate, distribute, sell, allow the use, display in public, carry out, advertise or use for any other commercial purpose the site and any part thereof, including logic, graphics, sounds and images from the site, without the advance written approval of Hever Translations and subject to the terms of the approval.
You may not create frames for the site without Hever Translations’ advance written approval and subject to the terms of the approval.
You may not use meta tags or any other hidden text while using the name of Hever Translations or its trademarks, without Hever Translations’ advance written approval, and subject to the terms of the approval.
Any unauthorized use will lead to the termination of your right to use the site.
Except as expressly permitted in the Terms, Hever Translations dos not grant you any rights to the intellectual property of Hever Translations or of third parties to whom the Materials belong or are connected.

Information on Users

Hever Translations is not interested in receiving confidential information from you through the site.
Any material, information or other type of communication (“messages”) you transmit or publish on and/or through the site shall be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.
Hever Translations shall bear no responsibility toward the messages.
Hever Translations and anyone operating on its behalf shall be free to copy, disclose, distribute, combine the messages and make any other use of the messages and data, the images, the sounds, the text and other elements integrated in the messages for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, including direct mailing and advertising.
If you choose to receive direct mailing or newsletters you will be asked to sign up for them at the designated spot at the site.
If you are not interested or will not be interested in the future in being included in Hever Translations’ direct mailing listings, you must send a message in this regard to Hever Translations according to the “Contact” information at the end of the Terms.
Information you provide Hever Translations and which allows personal identification, shall be treated in accordance with the Hever Translations Privacy Statement published on the site.
You may not publish on the site or broadcast to it any illegal, threatening, libelous, derogatory, insulting or pornographic materials, or any other material that may violate some law and your may not use the site for any illegal purposes.

Information Gathered Automatically

Like many other websites, the site automatically gathers certain information that cannot be identified pertaining to site users, such as internet protocol addresses, your computer’s IP, the IP of your ISP, the date and time you accesses the site, the website of some site through which you reached the site via direct link, the operating system you used, the site areas you visited, the web pages you entered and the information you viewed, as well as the materials you uploaded or downloaded from the site.
The unidentifiable information is used for managing the site and the system and to promote the site itself.
It may be revealed to others and saved permanently in archives for future use.

Cookie files (hereinafter: “Cookies”)

The site uses cookie technology, which installs information in the site user’s computer in order to allow the site to identify future visits to this computer.
The cookies improve the convenience of use of the site.
For instance, the information provided by the cookies is used to identify you as someone who has already used the site, to track your activity on the site in order to meet your needs, offer you pages that feature personally-adapted content and information, to automatically embed your personal information in online forms, and similar actions to make using the site easier for you.
If your browser permits it, you may choose to refuse to use cookies; however, this may impact your ability to use the site and your ability to access or use some of its characteristics.

Chat Rooms and Other User Forums

In spite of Hever Translations’ right to monitor and/or examine and/or supervise any area of the site in which users transmit or publish messages or communicate among themselves, including, but not limited to, chat rooms, message boards or other user forums, as well as the content of such messages (“visitor messages”), Hever Translations does not undertake to examine and/or control and/or supervise user messages and even if it does check user messages, it has no commitment to identify and/or manage to remove illegal or offensive material in time.
Hever Translations shall bear no responsibility in connection with the content of any visitor messages and/or in connection with any damage caused as a result of publishing such messages, whether or not they appear illegal, insulting, inappropriate or offensive to the public or otherwise.
Hever Translations reserves the right to remove visitor messages that contain information that appears offensive, derogatory, obscene or otherwise inappropriate.
Hever Translations shall bear no responsibility for the content of visitor messages.

Links to Third Party Websites

The links on the site to third party websites are for your convenience only.
In the event that you use these links, you will exit the site.
Hever Translations has not examined all of these third party sites, it has no control over them and is not responsible for these sites or their contents.
Therefore, Hever Translations does not approve these sites or create any other presentation regarding them or regarding any information, software, products or materials on them, or regarding any result that may derive from their use.
The decision to access any third party site linked to the site is your sole responsibility.
When moving to these links, you must study the terms of use and the remaining terms and directives at the linked site and act as written on them.

Link to Site

You may not create links to a site from other sites, unless you receive advance written approval from Hever Translations and subject to the terms of the approval and the law.


Names of companies and products mentioned in the Terms are trademarks and/or commercial symbols of their various owners.
Use of the site shall grant you no rights to the trademarks of Hever Translations or those of any third parties published on the site.
Restriction of Access
Hever Translations reserves its right to refuse to provide access to the site or to any portions of it to any user, at its sole discretion and with no advance notice.


The laws of the State of Israel shall apply to these Terms and to the site and they shall be interpreted accordingly.
The sole jurisdiction in all matters pertaining to the Terms and/or the site is at the agreed-upon courts in Tel Aviv-Yafo.
Hever Translations manages the site from its offices in Israel.
Hever Translations creates no presentation according to which the Materials on the site are suitable or available for use outside Israeli borders.
Use of the site from states that do not recognize the terms included in this document is forbidden, including but not limited to countries in which the contents of the site are illegal.
You may not use the Materials or any copy or processing thereof, export them or re-export them in a manner that violates any relevant law or regulation.
If you decided to access the site from outside of Israel, you will be doing so at your own initiative and at your own responsibility, and you shall bear full responsibility for following the applicable local laws.
“Hever Translations” reserves the right to update and/or alter the Terms at any time by updating this message.
You must visit the site from time to time in order to check the revised Terms, as they are binding from the update date onward.
Designated legal terms and/or messages located on various pages of the site may supersede various stipulations included in the terms.
Hever Translations may assign the Terms and any resulting rights and obligations.

The terms may apply to the parties, their representatives, their inheritors and any other authorized representative.
Nothing in the Terms shall impact Hever Translations’ right to make demands or requests from legally authorized bodies pertaining to use of the site or information transferred to Hever Translations and gathered by Hever Translations within the context of the use of the site.
If it is determined that any portion of the terms is not valid or cannot be enforced by law, including but not limited to the liability limit sections mentioned above, then the sections that have become invalid or cannot be enforced shall be considered to have been replaced by valid and enforceable sections whose content matches the intent of the original sections to the greatest possible degree, while the remaining sections of the Terms shall remain in effect.
If a party has waived, expressly or implied, any right given them by virtue for the Terms in a certain case, it shall not be seen as applying to any other case and shall not be considered waiving their rights.
These Terms constitute the full and complete agreement between the User and Hever Translations in connection with the site, and replace any other communications or proposal, whether in an electronic context, and whether oral or in writing, between the user and Hever Translations and/or anyone operating on its behalf in connection with the Site

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