Translation Memory

One of our most useful tools in our work with you is the translation memory (TM). Translation memory lies at the heart of designated translation software: We all live in amazing times, with impressive advances in the field, and we’ve coming a long way from the days of word processors. The programs we use allow us to shorten work times on our documents and streamline the process, thereby reducing costs.

What is translation memory and why to we need it?

Translation memory is a database managed by a unique designated translation program (CAT – Computer Aided Translation) which stores the texts you have translated in the past and is comprised of units of text (paragraphs or sentences, not individual words) with each of these units consisting of the original text and the translated text.

When you want to translate new texts, our software will automatically retrieve your previous translations, thus preserving uniformity of terminology, and work times on the project will be significantly shortened. Translation programs tend to be particularly effective when working on the type of text featuring multiple repeating sentences (such as technical manuals, or user guides), but are undoubtedly effective in other cases, for instance when translating financial statements that had already been translated the previous year and were just updated and adapted to the current year.

Managing a unique translation memory (TM) and term base (TB) for each customer and each project, ensures uniformity in translation over time and consistent use of your own special terminology. An additional major advantage of using these tools, is that a number of translators working on the same project will have a similar style and use similar terms, or even translate simultaneously, using each other’s translations and thereby saving even more time.

We think of you first, and want to provide you with the best results in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Translation tools using translation memory technology help us achieve all of this and let you enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your materials are in the finest hands in the market.

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