About Hever Group

In 1958 married couple Aliza and Johanan Goldman decided to open a small company specializing in language services (transcription, translation and more) called “Hever Translators”. The two may have known 7 languages each, but neither could have guessed that within 3 years, the family company would establish itself as Israel’s leading translations and Transcription Company and would subsequently develop into The Hever Group.

Thanks to the modern technology they imported to the country, their professionalism in the field and a real passion for language, in 1961 the Goldmans were asked to record, translate and transcribe the Eichmann Trial. This was not only Hever Translators’ (now Hever Translations) first big break, but also an emotional way for Aliza, a Holocaust survivor herself, who managed and operated the teams, to come full circle.

We recorded a new milestone in our history in 1970, when we decide to introduce a new service that had never been seen before in Israel: personnel services. Thus, in effect, our sister company was founded – “Hever Manpower” (now called Hever Human Capital).

If we wish to draw a line connecting all of the Hever Group’s activities, it would be its true love for people and for connecting them: for over 60 years we have been trying to turn the world into a better place, with high-quality connections and overcoming language and cultural barriers. When you add to this our uncompromising professionalism, the end result is mutual empowerment – both yours and ours.

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