Documenting Discussions at Municipal Authorities

Discussions with large numbers of participants (like those conducted at the various municipal authorities) are generally considered difficult to transcribe, but not for us: As far as we’re concerned, this is a familiar task, which we enjoy doing over and over – and always in the best possible manner.

Our transcription experts can decipher and transcribe any discussion, no matter how many participants are included or how stormy it is, and this is the reason that many municipal authorities throughout the country choose to employ our services time after time in a broad variety of discussions and gatherings.

So why choose Hever Translations?

With extensive experience in recording and transcribing discussions of every type, familiarity with the format for minutes and, of course – excellent professional capabilities, our team members will be able to put things in order and make sure that your minutes are clear, lucid and meet all of the requirements.

Here you will find all of the newest recording equipment in the service of a skilled, experienced and professional staff. Our experts are known for their discretion, their ability to provide a solution to any request and their ability to follow a schedule.

Our in-depth understanding of language, culture and people, along with a reputation based on decades of experience, are also expressed in excellence in recording and transcribing your meetings.



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