Translating Software and Applications

Building an application or program is a long and complex process. You’ve spent days and nights working on your product, you’ve tested it countless times, you’ve thought over every item and element and finally launched it successfully. Now, after passing all of the initial stages and especially after you’ve managed to find a stable base of users, you’re probably wondering what’s next.

We work with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM and more. Our experience from working with the finest companies has taught us that after successfully launching a program or application in the domestic market, the next requisite step is to adapt the product to new global markets, and launch it overseas as well – only in this way can your user numbers grow significantly.

OK, but why should I work with you?

Naturally, users prefer software that interfaces in their mother tongue, and that’s where we come into the picture. With a team of over 1,000 professional translators in all languages, over 50 years’ experience in translation and in quality control for sites and software using the finest professionals and technological tools, we know not only how to translate your product, but also offer localization services that will adapt it to the domestic market or to the target culture.

You keep on mentioning localization, but what exactly does that mean?

Oh, first of all it’s important that we make clear that the localization process does not consist solely of translation. Yes, in order to adapt a product to a new market, you’ll need to translate it to your target language, but beyond that, you need familiarity with and sensitivity toward what will be appropriate and what will not for the specific culture you’re addressing, and of course, when adapting images and graphic content, dates, times, icons, colors, contact details and so on to the target culture.

Our localization engineers, translators and graphic artists, in combination with unique technologies from the forefront of the field, will help you overcome the complexities of content management in multiple languages. It’s important to note that we make sure not to change the source code of your site or application, and if any changes are needed, they will be carried out by you with our full professional support.

We will make sure that all of the elements, actions and functions in your product are translated in a user-friendly and culturally relevant manner, because at Hever Translations, we understand languages, understand people, and understand cultures.

A computer program or application suited to the user’s culture places you in the forefront of the technological products existing today, and enable you to build an international reputation and increase profits. Fully localizing your product may save you significant costs in the future due to users misinterpreting your content.

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