Linguistic Editing Services

A good text can create interest, evoke emotions, make you think or make you act. On the other hand, a long and cumbersome text can achieve the exact opposite, and yet, the enemy number one of any text is undoubtedly grammar mistakes, typos and misspellings; these can make the reader think you’re sloppy, unprofessional or just inarticulate.

How can I make sure that my translated text is error-free?

Simple: Just call us! Our decades of work in the field of translation and language have made us a “One Stop Shop”, where you can send us material and get it back not just translated, but also edited and polished

We now employ skilled and experienced linguistic editors, who work alongside our translators. Together, the team makes sure that the texts are not just precise, but also tight, fluent and fun to read. This way, your messages can be sent to their recipient clearly and smoothly in their mother tongue, and most importantly: With no spelling or grammatical errors.

On what kind of documents is linguistic editing performed?

We edit many types of documents, including: Position papers, press releases, test cases, business plans, company profiles, presentations, annual statements, site contents and more. Contact us with the text you want edited, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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