Documenting Meetings and Conferences

Minutes must be kept for any meeting of a public or government company. This sounds pretty simple, but in fact, documenting and transcribing such a meeting is a complex task that requires professionalism, skill and knowledge.

Beyond the large number of details that need to be included in the minutes (for instance: The date of the meeting and where it has convened, the names of participants, the resolutions passed at the meeting – including the names of those supporting and opposing each resolution and more); at meetings of public and government companies, recording only the resolutions is not enough, and the proceedings themselves must be reflected.

As if that was not enough, there are quite a few methods of preparing minutes, and the appropriate format must be adapted to the company conducting the meeting. For instance, certain companies (banks, insurance companies and more) have special rules pertaining to the wording of Board of Directors Minutes, and this is exactly where our team of professional transcribers comes into the picture.

So why choose Hever Translations?

With extensive experience in keeping minutes of every type, familiarity with legal requirements and, of course – excellent professional capabilities, our professionals will be able to put things in order and make sure that your minutes are clear, lucid and most importantly: Meet all legal requirements.

Our in-depth understanding of language, culture and people, along with a reputation based on decades of experience, are also expressed in excellence in recording and transcribing your board meetings.

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