Documenting Meetings and Conferences

Minutes must be taken for any meeting at a public or government company. This may sound simple, but, in fact, documenting and transcribing such a meeting is a complex task requiring professionalism, skill, and knowledge.

Minutes include an abundance of details: such as time and place, names of participants, any resolutions passed at the meeting, the names of the supporters and opponents of each resolution, and more. Furthermore, it’s not enough for minutes for public and government companies to record any resolutions, they must reflect the actual proceedings.

Moreover, there are different ways of taking minutes, and the correct style must be chosen for each company. For instance, certain companies (banks, insurance companies, and more) have specific rules for the wording of Board of Directors Minutes. That’s exactly where our team of professional transcribers enters the picture.

So why Hever Translations?

With extensive experience taking minutes in all formats, familiarity with legal requirements, and professional capabilities, our experts ensure that your minutes are accurate, clear, and organized – and most of all, compliant with all legal requirements.

Our in-depth understanding of languages, cultures, and people, along with a reputation built through decades of experience, are also reflected in excellence in recording and transcribing your board meetings.



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