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When we say we use the newest technologies, we mean it, and therefore we are very happy to present our application: TRUSTWORDY, which will help you translate and transcribe any document or audio file quickly and easily.

Who can TRUSTWORDY help?

Anyone who needs their documents transcribed and translated: Whether official documents, professional articles that need translation, academic papers to read, or any other document or audio file – TRUSTWORDY will help you translate or transcribe your materials easily and quickly.

A great deal of effort and months of work were invested in developing the application – all in order to create a useful, convenient and smart tool that will serve you in an optimal and advanced manner.

All you need to do is to take a picture of the document through the application and choose the language you want to translate it to, or upload the audio file you want handled to the app, and… you’re done! We’ll do the rest.

Behind the scenes, our fine professionals will handle your documents and files skillfully and quickly so that the translation or transcription reaches you easily and in record time.

We promise that after you use TRUSTWORDY, you won’t believe that people hadn’t thought of it before. Go on, give it a chance and let the magic happen!

Available also in application!
Meet TRUSTWORDY, the most innovative, fastest and cheapest way to translate documents or transcribe your audio files . How does it work? It’s very simple: upload a file, choose a target language – and that’s it, we’ll take care the rest. So... What are you waiting for?

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