Quality Assurance (QA)

Localization is much more than translating, editing and going over the text once more to check for mistakes; localization is a complex and layered process that includes linguistic and cultural compatibility – and therefore demands a particularly high-quality QA process. As part of the QA process, not just the textual and visual content are checked, but also the product’s functionality in the user’s language.

That’s exactly the reason we place at your disposal a team of experienced QA personnel who speak the relevant language and make sure that the target language is presented properly and that the product functions in an optimal and identical manner as in the original language.

The process takes place after the localization process and also includes an examination that ensures a correct translation in the context of all of the texts in the various menus and buttons, as well as a examination of the proper functionality of links and modules, hotkeys, commands and tool tips and, of course – textual confirmation, in order to ensure that all of the characters in the target language are presented properly, and no word or phrase is cut in half for any reason.

So why should you use us for the quality assurance process, too?

Our answer is simple: Our experience and technology allow us to ensure that the product works smoothly, that all of its components work properly and that no text is overflowing or has been set up poorly, for any reason.

Our process is deep and professional, and we meticulously review it one more time before we return the product to you. Only after all the problems and mistakes have been fixed and another round of QA has been completed, can we approve the product as ready for the global market and ready to represent you honorably.

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