Graphical Layout (DTP)

Because of the difference in characters and word lengths between different languages, when a text is translated into a new language – its layout also changes in terms of gaps and paragraphs. One of the areas of expertise of our team of professionals is to reset the translated text, making it suitable for the target audience in your target market, without giving up your original concept.

Graphical layout doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me, why shouldn’t I do it myself?

You’d be surprised, but graphical layout is an entire discipline that takes into account the fonts suitable for the culture your translation is addressing, the various accents appearing above the letters and more. Our professionals specialize not only in language and people, but also in the various character sets, and other important elements of compatibility for the target market (symbols, images, page layout and more) in their work.

We use the most advanced translation programs on the market, which interface with all of the graphical software we need, saving you time and money. We have software that will preserve your graphic design, thereby providing you with excellent results. We work with the most up to date versions of Adobe software, such as: ‏Illustrator‏, InDesign‏‏, ‏Photoshop‏, or programs like ‏FrameMaker‏, ‏CorelDraw, ‏QuarkXPress‏, various drawings and more. – That means that we can handle any content, in terms of graphical layout as well.

The combination of fine text and graphic aesthetics creates a product that makes you want to read, which is basically your goal and ours.

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