Legal Transcription for Private Customers

None of us wants to have to deal with legal issues, but life, as we all know, has its own plans. If this is a situation you are dealing with, it’s important that you come prepared with all of the material you need, in order to present your case in the best and clearest manner.

When we say we use the newest technologies, we mean it, and therefore we are proud to present our application: TRUSTWORDY, a new and easy-to-use application, which will help you translate and transcribe any document and give you the peace of mind you so desperately need, particularly when preparing for legal proceedings.

How does it work?

Simple: You upload any audio file you want to transcribe to TRUSTWORDY, our application. After the files are uploaded and received, our professional transcription teams will handle the rest, and the transcribed materials will be sent back to you quickly and easily. When necessary, you can also upload materials you want to translate to TRUSTWORDY, and our experienced translators will handle those as well.

As you already know, during a legal debate – every word is important and meaningful. Our transcribers and translators are not just professionals, but also come from a strong legal background, and therefore they will be able to ensure that the material is put to paper in a manner that is legally acceptable and will allow the judge to study them without any difficulty.

Because at Hever, we understand languages, understand cultures, and understand people, even when they need help in preparing content for legal activity. 



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