Creating a Style Guide

Like every experienced graphic designer equips their customers with a style guide for their logo, fonts and images, the language of your brand also needs its own style guide, even more so when it comes to translation

Thanks to our work with so many organizations, companies and people, we at Hever Translations know that with time and development, each product becomes characterized by its own style; your product has its own linguistic register, its own rhythm, its own professional terminology, unique preferences – in short, a complete language that makes it what it is.

This is exactly the reason we think of translation not as work that is essentially technical, but as artistry. A good translator has an ear for the brand language, learns its rhythms, understand the nuances embedded in it and knows how to transfer these flawlessly into the target language.

Beyond the translation that ensures that your product is transferred to the target language in a clear and precise manner, our super-duper-experienced team of translators is also skilled in building a translation style guide for you, which you will be able to use later on – when you want to continue expanding the content in your products, and work with new translators or add new languages.

The importance of such a guide is immense, as it allows you to ensure that you have a uniform and coherent brand language, whether Hebrew, English, French, Spanish or any other language.

We understand languages, understand cultures, and understand people, and therefore we know that a tight style guide can help you do your job. Contact us today and let our professionals help you with all of your translation needs.

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