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When it comes to transcription and recording, Hever Translations is not only Israel’s oldest company, it’s also its leading company. Our experience of over 60 years of activity speaks for itself: from our establishment until now, we have been called upon to document the most significant historical events in the country’s history, including the Eichmann trial, the Agranat Commission, the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, the Demjanjuk trial, the Pope’s visit to Israel, President Obama’s visit to Israel, and that’s just a partial list.

Our Team

We specialize in documentation, decryption and digital recording services using the most advanced technologies on the market. Our team is comprised of experienced technicians, transcribers and typists, who strictly keep to timetables, maintain discretion and, of course – provide a full professional solution to any request in the field.

Our Equipment

In order to achieve the best possible results, we make a point of using the most advanced technological equipment on the market. Our Marantz digital recording system is considered a high-quality, reliable and advanced system, and working with it ensures high-quality, error-free recording.

Do you have recorded files you would like to have transcribed? No problem: You can send us audio and video files via email or using our unique application, TRUSTWORDY.

The recordings, minutes and audio files undergo careful quality control and just to be safe, our recording system includes a backup system for mishaps and power outages, for whatever problems may arise.

Our Services

We offer you a broad spectrum of services, including: Digital recording, equipment rental and amplification systems; transcription of meetings, committees, hearings, audio files and tapes; interpreting meetings with large numbers of participants and/or stormy meetings; decrypting secret recordings; linguistic editing and/or preparation of briefs for meetings, transcription of lectures and lesson plans, transcription of online courses and more.

Our customers include government ministries, courts, municipalities, banks, leading law firms, international high tech companies and more.

Keeping Up to Date – For You

Graphical Layout (DTP)

Because of the difference in characters and word lengths between different languages, when a text is translated into a new language – its layout also changes in terms of gaps and paragraphs. One of the areas of expertise of our team of professionals is to reset the translated text, making it suitable for the target audience in your target market, without giving up your original concept.

Localization Engineering

Localization is one of the most important things for anyone seeking to break into new markets. In order to adapt a product to a new market, you’ll need to translate it to your target language, but beyond that, you need to adapt images and graphic content, dates, times, icons, colors, contact details and so on to the local culture.

Linguistic Editing

A good text can create interest, evoke emotions, make you think or make you act. On the other hand, a long and cumbersome text can achieve the exact opposite, and yet, the enemy number one of any text is undoubtedly grammar mistakes, typos and misspellings; these can make the reader think you’re sloppy, unprofessional or just inarticulate.

Creating a Style Guide

Like every experienced graphic designer equips their customers with a style guide for their logo, fonts and images, the language of your brand also needs its own style guide, even more so when it comes to translation.

Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation is an art form, which requires specific expertise and years of experience. Generally speaking, consecutive translation is needed in the legal field (for instance, during legal hearings), in meetings with guests from foreign countries, in business meetings and at other important events.

Technical and Engineering Translation

In your profession, clear, precise and accurate translation is paramount. A single mistranslated word can sabotage an entire engineering project.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Localization is much more than translating, editing and going over the text once more to check for mistakes; localization is a complex and layered process that includes linguistic and cultural compatibility – and therefore demands a particularly high-quality QA process. As part of the QA process, not just the textual and visual content are checked, but also the product’s functionality in the user’s language.

Terms and Definitions

We all know that an online dictionary is a wonderful tool – but that’s not the case in the business world, where you are required to use special professional terms that not everyone is familiar with; whether your business belongs to the technology fields, lifestyle field or the field of medicine – every business “lives” in an extensive world of business content characterized by unique terms and specific terminology. The problem? The business terms you are so used to using in your day-to-day lives and in your specific field, do not necessarily translate identically to other languages.


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