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We understand people, which means we know how important a part of your life your career is. After all, a workplace is an inseparable part of a person’s identity, and the professional path we walk has a deep influence on all areas of our lives.

For this exact reason, it’s important to work hard on writing your resume; a well-written and well-designed resume is not just your ticket to a desirable job, but also a springboard to success. On the other hand, a poorly-written resume will have potential employers ignore and dismiss you.

Resume translation – who even needs that?

Honestly, the correct question is: Who doesn’t? In a world that has become more and more technological and international, there’s a good chance that sometime over the course of your career you will be asked – if you haven’t already – to submit a resume in English or in some other foreign language. In professional terms, this is known as CV (short for the Latin phrase Curriculum Vitae, which means “life story”). The way we say it, it just means expertise. Our excellent translators, with dozens of years of experience in the professional translation of CVs, will be happy to be at your service with clear, fluent and professional translations of your resume.

Why shouldn’t I translate my resume myself, or ask someone close to me who knows the language to translate it for me?

Even if you have an excellent command of the target language, you’ll quickly discover that translating a CV is quite a challenge; in order to accurately translate a resume, you need not only know the language, but also have a familiarity and an in-depth understanding of the professional terminology unique to the field. A resume that has not been translated properly tends to be too lexical, too literal and too amateur – even if it includes impressive jobs and stations you’ve passed through in your career.



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