Product localization is always important, but it’s particularly important in the field of gaming: Users who come across your product and are disappointed to find that it does not meet the standards they’re used to, will abandon it right away for one of the hundreds of thousands of competitors on the market.

In order to prevent this, we have established teams of localization experts from the gaming field. Our professionals will help you avoid errors and will make sure that your product speaks the users’ language. We provide translation and localization services for video games, mobile applications, social media games, gaming sites, gambling sites and more.

In our translation and adaptation process, we use advanced technological tools that enable us to streamline processes. For instance: The translation memory feature, which makes it possible to translate a sentence just once for all of the various platforms in your possession.

The personal project manager assigned to you will work closely with our translation teams and graphics experts so that no feature of your product will be missed. Together with you, our team will assemble an optimal work plan suited to your needs and will take all components into account. With the integration of the technologies we use – we ensure that at the end of the process, your product will look, sound and work terrifically, while retaining its original look and feel.

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