Consecutive Translation

Consecutive translation is an art form, which requires specific expertise and years of experience. Generally speaking, consecutive translation is needed in the legal field (for instance, during legal hearings), in meetings with guests from foreign countries, in business meetings and at other important events.

Hever Translations was founded on these exact principles: We specialize in oral translation, to the exact degree we specialize in written translation, and that makes us the natural address for these types of tasks.

Our team features professional interpreters who specialize in consecutive translation. Contact us and we will be happy to assign you an interpreter with relevant experience in the field in which you require consecutive translation.

Some things that it’s important you know:

We carefully connect the right interpreter to the right customer, because it’s important to us to make sure that our interpreters have a command of the professional language relevant to you. We only assign the most experienced interpreters in the field to consecutive translation, because we know how complex the task is. In addition, each interpreter undergoes a comprehensive briefing before the start of the project and receives a full background briefing as well as special instructions in advance. That way, we can make sure that the work will be carried out to your full satisfaction, perfectly and omitting nothing.

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