Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous translation is the hardest and the fastest type of translation there is, and is carried out in real time: The moment a person speaks, their words are translated into the target language and are spoken by the interpreter.

By its nature, simultaneous translation is a very complex task. Such a task requires the finest interpreters – those who not only have an absolute and uncompromising command of both languages, but who are also capable of picking things up quickly, thinking on their feet and staying focused, and most importantly, knowing exactly what words to choose in real time.

So why should I choose your interpreters?

We’re happy you asked: As simultaneous translation is an art form that requires unique skills, training and capabilities, we select our simultaneous interpreters with precision. Our interpreters have tons of practical experience working at conferences, conventions and international events, live television broadcasts and in short, we place you in the finest hands on the market.

In addition, we can send the interpreter to you with all the required technological measures: Acoustic chambers, high-quality earphones, transmission system and experienced technicians.

Throughout our many years of activity, we have specialized in simultaneous translation services and we are happy to say, with no reservations, that you will not find a more qualified company than us in the field of simultaneous translation in Israel. 

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