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Medical Translation

Today, medical translation requires expertise in a large number of areas: The translator needs to have the relevant medical background, but also understand the technical terminology in user interfaces, smartphones, tables and other technological devices used today to manage medical information

Financial Translation

As the global village we live in becomes more and more accessible and technological, so does the global investment market continue to develop. Even people who in the past would have never dreamed of dealing with overseas investments find themselves in the heart of things, and thriving start-up companies need to file yearly financial statements in English

Legal Translation

Whether you’re a law firm needing a translation of legal documents, or a product developer planning to launch a new product on the market with privacy policies or usage agreements in various languages – every translation connected to the legal field requires a skilled translator with a strong legal background.

Technical and Engineering Translation

In your profession, clear, precise and accurate translation is paramount. A single mistranslated word can sabotage an entire engineering project

IT and Communications

In our technological world, there isn’t an organization that doesn’t use communications services and doesn’t need new technologies. Cloud computing, SaaS (Software as Service), networks and databases, smartphones, tablets and computers – technology has become our best friend, but also a fickle friend that can drive us crazy if it doesn’t work properly

Academic Translation

It’s never easy being as student, and somehow it always seems like your schedule is full. Even if you’re not in the middle of tests, there is always some paper to submit or article to read, and we know how much energy is needed to read long academic articles written in foreign languages.

Translation for Defense Industries

When it comes to defense industries, Israel is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in the world. It’s no wonder, therefore, that the added value of the Israeli defense industry is so high, constituting nearly 20% of the country’s total industrial exports.

Translating Resumes

We understand people, which means we know how important a part of your life your career is. After all, a workplace is an inseparable part of a person’s identity, and the professional path we walk has a deep influence on all areas of our lives.

Website Translation

You won’t be surprised to learn that people prefer visiting websites in their mother tongue. After all, we all enjoy content that’s easy for us to consume and which has been made accessible to us, and therefore sites translated to a number of languages attract far more visitors. This traffic is later translated not only to influence, but also to business and economic success


Product localization is always important, but it’s particularly important in the field of gaming: Users who come across your product and are disappointed to find that it does not meet the standards they’re used to, will abandon it right away for one of the hundreds of thousands of competitors on the market.

Translating Software and Applications

Building an application or program is a long and complex process. You’ve spent days and nights working on your product, you’ve tested it countless times, you’ve thought over every item and element and finally launched it successfully. Now, after passing all of the initial stages and especially after you’ve managed to find a stable base of users, you’re probably wondering what’s next.


The tourism industry is bilingual by nature: The language of the destination inviting tourism and the mother tongue of the tourists who want to go out an conquer the world. As the field of tourism deals first and foremost in cultures, in order to translate a text properly, you have to understand languages, understand cultures and understand people.


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