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At Hever Translations, our wide range of solutions enable you to communicate with audiences from different countries and cultures in any language. Thousands of translators and localization experts throughout the world are available to you in a vast array of specializations from website and application translation and localization to transcription and recording of multilingual conferences. Quality and accuracy guide our work: we guarantee uncompromising professional excellence on every project, of any scope, at any time.

Translation and Localization Solutions

At Hever Translations, we specialize not only in document translation but also in localization, so you can rest assured that with us you’re in the best of hands. Over the years we’ve gained extensive experience in all types of translation and localization, having built an organization with thousands of seasoned professional translators. What’s more, we know that urgent translations or unique graphic preparations are often needed and therefore we’ve adopted a one-stop-shop approach so you won’t have to waste time shuffling between different service providers.

Transcription and Recording Solutions

When it comes to transcription and recording, Hever Translations is not only the most proficient company in Israel, but also the leading service provider in this field. Our experience of over 65 years speaks for itself. Since our beginnings, we’ve been chosen to document the most significant historic events in the State’s history, among them the Eichmann trial, the Agranat Commission, the Israel-Egypt peace treaty, the Demjanjuk trial, and the Pope’s and President Obama’s visits to Israel.

Language Translation Services

We have over 65 years’ experience in translation and localization to any language worldwide. This extensive experience accumulated over the years has enabled us to construct a vast array of collaborations with thousands of translators and to acquire an exceptional understanding of different languages, cultures and peoples throughout the world - all so that we can offer you the most professional and high-quality service within any timetable.



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