App Localization and Translation from English to Hebrew

תרגום ולוקליזציה של אפליקציות מאנגלית לעברית

Any business with ambitions of moving onto the world stage, whether in the app market or any other, needs to take into account that they need to perform translation and localization of their content. Why are translation and localization necessary? How can you help this process? And what else do you need to know? We’ve collated all the relevant information in this article.

The need for translation and localization

One of the most notable benefits of the internet is that it makes it possible to reach any market in the world easily and efficiently. In the past, businesses needed to put in plenty of time, creative thinking, and, of course, significant funds to break into a new market. Nowadays, it’s much more accessible. That said, you still need the right strategy, and that includes the need for translation and localization. Remember that what works in one culture might be less effective elsewhere, and that certain adaptations must be made to make the most of the product content.

How does localization help you?

Of course, your content needs fine-tuning to suit the culture of your target country. A purely literal translation is insufficient for this task. The translator must know both languages – source and target – in depth, but that’s just the baseline. To create a quality translation that successfully conveys the spirit of the original content on the one hand and feels authentic and relevant to the new audience on the other – a translator needs to know the cultures of the speakers of those languages and make the necessary adaptations, so readers think it’s original content, not a translation.

The guaranteed path to success

Marketing an app internationally is no easy task – but it’s a must if you want your app to be a real success story. When this process is done intelligently and precisely, doors will open for you. To maximize your chances of success and make the job easier, it’s best to employ the services of recognized professional companies with experience in translation and localization. These companies work with highly-skilled and experienced translators, giving you peace of mind thanks to the assurance that the product you receive will give you the best possible opening.

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