A country a month: Culture, Language, Business

We’re launching our journey to cultures and countries with one of the most exotic countries in the world today: Russia, which is playing host to the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

We’ll begin with a business overview. If you’re flying to Russia to catch a game, take a peek: we’ve included a concise glossary of football-related words ?

Russian Superstitions

Don’t shake hands or kiss someone on the doorstep.

Don’t whistle in a house or business.

Don’t leave an empty bottle on the table.

Business Procedures in Russia

  • It’s important to understand who’s the boss and who makes the decisions. Meetings with people who have no authority are (almost) meaningless.
  • The custom in Russia is to call people by their name with a patronymic ending, usually -evitch or -ovitch for men and -ovna or -evna for women. For example, Alexander Petrovitch Dovlatov is the son of Peter Dovlatov; Ludmyila Nikolayevna is Ludmylia, daughter of Nikolay.
  • Laws on copyright or intellectual property are nearly nonexistent in Russia.
  • What gifts should you bring? Wine, chocolate, or flowers will be very welcome. Avoid bringing odd numbers of flowers or yellow roses!
  • Generally speaking, business deals are marked with a drink or more, and refusal is considered an insult.
  • If you have learned any Russian swear words, leave them at home! Cursing is prohibited by law in public places and fines can reach 500 NIS.


Basic Soccer Dictionary

Who’s playing?

[kto igrayet]

How much?

[skolko skolko]








Goal is “goal” ?

There’s nothing like the World Cup in Russia!

[Mondial u russikh eto super kruto]

Have a safe flight, and udachi*!

*Good luck