Hever Translations Newsletter: December 2019

בין פרס נובל לסלמון – הקסם הנורבגי משפיע על העולם
Between the Nobel Prize and Salmon – Norway’s Magic Affects the Whole World In addition to the festivals of Hanukkah and Christmas celebrated here in Israel and in many countries around the globe – December is also the time for one of the most important and exciting annual events in the world. So this month, […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: November 2019

הדרקון מתעורר – ברוכים הבאים לסין
The Dragon Rises: Welcome to China In a world where we celebrate Family Day, Valentine’s Day, and lots of other similarly dedicated days, students at Nanjing University in China decided in 1993 that singles also deserved a day of their own. They chose the obvious date – 11/11, entirely made up of the numeral 1 […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: october 2019

Month of Choices We are our choices. This sentence is true and relevant in Hebrew, as it is in every language. Between the sweltering heat of this past August and the slightly cooler temperatures in September, just after the repeat elections in Israel and just before the Jewish High Holidays, we want to wish you […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: September 2019

It’s a holiday today… September is already upon us and with it the return to routine. Now that the trips and the kids’ vacations are over, it’s time to welcome pupils and students back to class as they meet new challenges, watch the first graders discover their new classrooms, and begin another school year. Just […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: August 2019

Ciao, Bella, Ciao! We’re off to a dream vacation in Italy Buongiorno, principessa The homeland of ice cream, the empire of pasta, the kingdom of world design, and the home of the greatest artists of all time and the language as melodic as a song – yes, we’re talking about Italy. Our theme for this […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: July 2018

How a good translation can make the world a safer place A small world or a big world? Despite all our years of translation in the global arena, we have not found the answer to the eternal question: is the world very big or very small? In the previous newsletter we wrote about World Cup, […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: May 2019

חג הפועלים
May 1st or May Day – What’s in a name? Workers’ Day May 1st, or May Day, is International Workers’ Day. The history of this day harks back to the 19th century and to protests in Chicago that called for the legal establishment of the eight-hour workday. In some countries May Day honors labor and […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: July 2019

מהדורת יולי #19 :אין מקלטי מס בשווייץ, יש מרתפי יין
Switzerland – tax shelters and wine cellars Raise the wine glasses as high as the Swiss Alps, because this month, after 20 years, the Winegrowers’ Festival, Fete de Vigneros will be celebrated. The festival, which has been organized by the Brotherhood of Winegrowers in the heart of the Swiss winegrowing region since 1797, was recognized […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: April 2019

כמו יפנית אמיתית: גם מערכת התרגומים שלנו חדה, יעילה ומדויקת
Sayonara to the Emperor Sayonara to Emperor Akihito You don’t have to be a distinguished scholar to recognize the magic of Japan. On the one hand ancient ceremonies and traditions preserved for thousands of years, and on the other hand, innovation, technology and a continuous state of rapid change. On the one hand haiku poems […]
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Hever Translations Newsletter: June 2019

Douze Points to the Netherlands Thank you Europe After a full week of Eurovision fever (and here’s to the amazing production), congratulations go to the Netherlands, the big winner of the song contest. As you know, here at Hever we are curious about countries, and the winner of our country of the month is the […]
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